uCorp Design Wisdom

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Featuring design uncompromising engineering elemental

From the first cabinet sketch to the final voicing, every uCorp speaker undergoes a painstaking design and engineering process to ensure flawless performance and unmatched build and component quality. Every design element has a sonic purpose.

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Detailed classy achievement enveloping powerful soundstage

Hundreds of hours are spent measuring and listening critically to each speaker in acoustic test chambers, calibrated listening rooms and real world environments. This process captures all the nuances of different content and listening environments to achieve a perfectly balanced speaker.

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Classic design and world class shape quality

Only the finest materials and fabrication techniques are used for cabinets, tweeters, drivers, and crossovers. It only becomes an uCorp speaker when all the pieces meld to set a new benchmark audio performance value.

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Brilliant advance and handily low frequency

A blend of smooth, highly-detailed sound enhanced by lively, impactful dynamics, a wide soundstage and effortless power across the frequency spectrum elevate uCorp loudspeakers to unmatched levels of performance.

Best Practices, Best Results Thrilling Loudspeaker Experiences. Unmatched Performance for the Price.

The audio industry is literally driven by loudspeakers. They’re the final components in the signal chain, and the ones most likely to influence the overall sonic quality of the source material. An improperly specified and implemented loudspeaker can doom an otherwise competent system design. For the loudspeaker design/manufacturer, understanding the customer’s need is the essential first step. Only then can the manufacturer engineer and build a product that satisfies all criteria, including quality, performance and cost parameters. Loudspeakers are ubiquitous—from the PA system in a subway car to line arrays at a rock concert—so it’s easy to take them for granted. But understanding what goes into the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers can help you make smarter decisions when specifying them for a project. You’ll have better informed discussions with your loudspeaker manufacturer, too. An industry colleague often refers to the process of loudspeaker design as “one part wisdom and one part witchcraft.” Although there’s still an element of magic at work in designing a loudspeaker, modern design tools, materials and processes have replaced much of the “witchcraft” that speaker designers were forced to practice a generation ago. Most loudspeaker manufacturers take similar steps in the design process, but all of them have a unique approach that is used regardless of the speaker size.

With the Prime and Ultra Series Speakers, uCorp is bringing world class sound quality to more people than ever before. With both 2-channel stereo and home theater surround sound systems, uCorp speakers deliver a truly high-end audio experience with precise imaging, absolute transparency, wide dynamic range, pinpoint accuracy and powerful dynamics. uCorp speakers reveal the full sonic impact of what an artist or sound engineer intended with perfect clarity for “like-being-there” audio experiences.