About us

uCorp platform supports 50+ interactive courses, connect the idea, or try it yourself all activities embedded throughout its course. These interactive activities keep learners engaged and make learning fun.

Our courses are JAWS (Job Access with Speech) compliant. We provide enhanced accessibility to students with features such as option to change the font, size, and color of the course content, text-to-speech, interactive videos and how-to-videos with interactive transcripts and voice-overs.

Our courses are highly interactive with virtual lab, simulations, and 50+ interactive items. Over 60 interactive items include true/false, multiple choice single or many option(s) correct, drag and drop, create a list & create and order list, hot spot, fill in the blank, performance-based, essay (manually graded), match lists, and image dropdown.

Our courses can be configured for online, traditional or blended classes. It offers cloud-based learning available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Once you leave your exercises in the middle, you can start it from there, any time you attempt it again. The course also helps students to learn in the office mode.

uCorp Courses for Students and Instructors!

uCorp course keeps students engaged through interactivity and instantaneous feedback. Course navigation is driven by a dashboard that is adapted to the specific course. Students can switch between various learning tools and resources and then return back to the topic at hand with one click. Study planner allows students to track their progress. In addition, a progress meter for each major activity allows the students to monitor their results and take action if needed.

Instructors can use uCorp course to deliver credit courses or augment their existing credit courses. Instructors can customize these courses by adding additional content to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions with ease.