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At uCorp, we believe world-class audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach. Our speakers, subwoofers and SoundPath audio accessories refute the notion that exceptional sound quality has to be ridiculously expensive. The uCorp design approach involves a fusion of leading edge technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab and real-world testing, as well as, a deep personal passion for audio excellence, all brought to life by our acoustic engineers. With every new product, we strive to redefine audio performance for the price.

But that’s only part of the uCorp Experience. We also stand behind our products with the uCorp Customer Bill of Rights, a benefits package that includes a 45-Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast and Free Shipping and Returns, our industry-leading 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, and more. We’re so confident you’ll love our audio gear that we made it completely painless to audition for yourself in the best place possible, your home.

From the coherent soundstage, pinpoint imaging, superb detail and sonic transparency of our reference-grade loudspeakers, to the subterranean extension, chest-thumping slam, and unerring accuracy of our acclaimed subwoofers – our award-winning uCorp product line-up guarantees you a thrilling audio experience.

And since you’re supported by uCorp Sound Experts support for the life of your product, you can rest easy knowing the best technical and customer service team on the planet is standing by to help you though research, set-up, troubleshooting and calibration for every part of your home theater or audio system.

uCorp & CIW course materials

The uCorp Website was created to provide CIW students a live Website to reference in the hands-on labs within various CIW course materials. This Website will continue to be modified as the various CIW courses are updated. For more information about CIW certification and course materials please visit www.CIWcertified.com.

Our Mission

To provide a solid foundation for individuals pursuing specialized study in the underlying technologies common to many vendors' products through a vendor-neutral approach to education, training and certification. People who are CIW-certified find our vendor-neutral certifications make it easier to gain understanding of the fundamentals of vendor-specific technologies and standards, to launch their careers.

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