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Remote & microphone Fully function remote control with sensing distance 8 meters and Wireless microphone ranging 40 meters.

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uCorp Portable Live Sound

High quality, loudspeaker!

Portable Column System is a three component loudspeaker powered by a 10000 W Class-D amplifier and driven by Electro-Voice's QuickSmartDSP.

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We are a full digital agency based in USA. We are experienced professionals in producing Speakers, Sub-woofers, Amplifiers. Read more

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Recurrence reaction stretches out from 30 Hz to 25 kHz. Low contortion and radiant off-pivot recurrence reaction guarantee clean conveyance, a superb soundstage and exact imaging. Through the Prime Towers.

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Designing / Best Selling Product

When we began to design out the Prime Series, we knew they needed to convey audiophile execution without the audiophile cost, and we knew their ancestors, the Ultra arrangement, were a gigantic triumph as far as execution at the cost. The central test amid advancement of the Prime Series.

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Free Demo / Automation Support

Our growing system of retail accomplices convey a wide variety of SVS items and are prepared to make the best proposals in light of your needs, all while giving the comfort of a neighborhood name you trust.

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uCorp Design Wisdom

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Featuring design uncompromising engineering elemental

From the first cabinet sketch to the final voicing, every uCorp speaker undergoes a painstaking design and engineering process to ensure flawless performance and unmatched build and component quality. Every design element has a sonic purpose.

Brilliant advance and handily low frequency

A blend of smooth, highly-detailed sound enhanced by lively, impactful dynamics, a wide soundstage and effortless power across the frequency spectrum elevate uCorp loudspeakers to unmatched levels of performance.

Detailed classy achievement enveloping powerful soundstage

Hundreds of hours are spent measuring and listening critically to each speaker in acoustic test chambers, calibrated listening rooms and real world environments. This process captures all the nuances of different content and listening environments to achieve a perfectly balanced speaker.

Classic design and world class shape quality

Only the finest materials and fabrication techniques are used for cabinets, tweeters, drivers, and crossovers. It only becomes an uCorp speaker when all the pieces meld to set a new benchmark audio performance value.


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